The Fiend (Bray Wyatt)
The Fiend (Bray Wyatt)

The Fiend (Bray Wyatt) is currently the WWE Universal Champion. He won this championship by defeating seth rollins at Crown Jewel. The Fiend easily defeated Daniel Bryan in the Survivor Series for this championship.

Currently, The Fiend SmackDown brand and it makes it difficult for any wrestler to win this championship. He is completely dominating the WWE.

Although there are some wrestlers in the company who can beat Bray Wyatt and make the Universal Championship. Today we are going to talk about the three wrestlers who can defeat the Fiend and win the WWE Universal Championship.

roman reigns

roman reigns
roman reigns

roman reigns has defeated The Fiend several times in a singles match. In ‘Hell in the Cell’ 2015, Big Dog had a memorable victory in a steel cage match against Fiend .

last time these two were face to face during a Raw on 5 February 2018. Roman Rains was easily defeated and pinned wherever he was.

Although Bray Wyatt has also defeated roman reigns on Battle Ground 2015. In live events, Big Dog has beaten The Fiend many times.

There have been many good fights between these days in the past, but each time the Roman ahead. Both are currently in the SmackDown brand and if the power house gets a chance for the Universal Championship, it will definitely Have the ability to defeat The Fiend.

braun strowman

It would not be wrong to call braun strowman the most powerful wrestler in WWE history. Defeating them is like a dream for any wrestler.

He is a WWE Monster and has testified his strength several times. Upon making his main roster debut, Strowman was associated with ‘The wyatt Family’ and used to come to the ring wearing a mask.

The Fiend has been his mentor. However, braun strowman has now earned such a name in WWE that he has the power to challenge The Fiend by defeating the Universal Championship.

Tyson Fury

Boxer Tyson Fury made his WWE debut at Crown Jewel. Where he defeated a powerful wrestler braun strowman due to his knock out punch.

Tyson Fury is very good height and he also has no shortage of strength. If in the future, Vince McMahon holds a match between Tyson Fury and The Fiend for the WWE Universal Championship, Tyson deserves to win it. However, let us tell you that Tyson is not a full time wrestler of WWE.


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