Roman reigns
Roman reigns

The real name of Roman reigns is Lettie Joseph Joe Onai. He was born on 25 May 1985. He was a professional gridiron football player before coming to WWE.

that he is part of the Onai family. 6 people from this family have arrived in WWE. Yokajuna, Umaga, The Usos and The Rock seem to be cousins of Roman reigns.

Roman is currently a member of the SmackDown brand. However, he has also worked for the Raw brand for a long time.

He made his main roster debut in Survivor Series on 18 November 2012, along with Dean Ambrose and Sath Rollins. He attacked Ryback in the WWE Championship match and played a key role in keeping CM Punk the winner.

He has also been a former WWE World Champion and a Universal Champion. He has also won the tag team championship along with Sath Rollins. At the same time, he has also been the United States Champion.

Roman reigns married Galina Jolle Baker in early December 2014. They also have a daughter named Joel. His wife has also given birth to twin boys in 2016.

He is currently considered the greatest face of WWE. He has also defeated legendary wrestlers like The Undertaker, Brock Lassner, John Cena and Brown Strowman. He is the only wrestler. Who has defeated these four legendary wrestlers.



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